Sauna Wellness Red 10 is built with Canadian Red Cedar, an eco-friendly, toxin-free and naturally anti-microbial feature incorporated throughout sauna. A Tri-spectrum heater offers the benefits of three separate wavelengths for far, mid and near infrared heat. This special feature provides immediate warmth and a complete infrared spectrum within the sauna. 

Jade gemstones are well-known for their abilities to emit negative infrared ions and to help absorb as well as transfer infrared heat, which then amplifies heating conductivity. These stones are placed on wood panels on the floor of the sauna for an extra luxurious feel on your feet. 

Last but not least, bask in your own salt cave with pure Himalayan salt tiles. Containing 84 trace elements, the Himalayan salt system will purify and disperse your negative infrared ions into the air, allowing maximum enjoyment of every sauna session. 

Leading innovation in materials and heater systems put the Sauna Wellness Red 10 in a class of its own for healthy design, as well as efficiency and reliability. Short-term benefits are more than satisfactory—relaxation, stress reduction, increased blood circulation, greater flexibility and range of motion, weight management, cardiovascular conditioning and enhanced mental acuity and self-esteem. 





Tri-Spectrum Heaters 

  • Unique to the sauna industry, SaunaWellness saunas include tri-spectrum infrared (IR) heating. This unique system allows the user to experience the benefits of three separate wavelengths of fast and even heating. 

  • Infrared Carbon Fiber Heaters for a slow and even warmth that produce far infrared heat.

  • Ceramic Infrared Heaters for faster heating time and mid to far infrared heat.

  • Full-Spectrum Heaters for immediate infrared heat and near, mid, and far infrared heating


  •  Benefit from increased far infrared heat with activated jade stone. 

Himalayan Salt

  •  6 blocks of Himalayan pure ionic crystal salt are mounted inside the sauna to provide clean and refreshing air. SaunaWellness sauna becomes the user’s very own salt cave to relax and recharge. 

Red Chromo Lights 

  •  Each SaunaWellness Sauna has 10 red chromo lights. Our lights emit at 360 LUX. 

Wood Density Factor 

  • The high density of wood found in our SaunaWellness Saunas is the true mark of a premium sauna. They contain a wood density factor (WDF) higher than any other infrared sauna sold today. Just look at the heaters! Each heater is covered with multiple vertical slats to offer a luxurious look. It is equally important to make sure that the wood you are using in a sauna system is toxin free. The Red Canadian Cedar used in every SaunaWellness Sauna is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial so while you are detoxifying your body, no new toxins are introduced. This high-quality cedar inhibits the growth of fungus or environmental allergens. We care about the origin of where our wood comes from. That’s why our Red Canadian Cedar is FSC certified and sourced only from acceptable and approved sources. 

Aroma System

  • Our system helps scent the air inside the sauna chamber. The aroma system works in combination with our oxygen ionizer for fresh, pure air. 

Our Redfit Room can accommodate up to 4 people.
Book a couple relaxation session or enjoy the therapeutic benefits with friends.