Every mother's dream! A mask to help fade stretch marks and scars, and nourish stretched skin - Goodbye Wrinkles Mummy Tummy Lift Mask will rejuvenate while you sleep! It's even comfortable enough to wear during the day.


The Mummy Tummy Lift mask can be worn during pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks forming, or it can be worn once your baby has arrived to help restore your skin back to optimum health.


Goodbye Wrinkles are re-usable up to 15-30 times, hypo-allergenic and self-adhesive - you can sleep comfortably in your mask, or apply for as little as 30 minutes.

Your Goodbye Wrinkles mask doesn’t just bring moisture to the skin, it also increases blood flow. Increased blood flow is so important for your skin and helps collagen production. Collagen production is the key to combating skin concerns.


Short term - you will see results the next morning after wearing overnight. You could even wear them for a few hours and see results.

Long term - Goodbye Wrinkles works to boost collagen and rejuvenate the skin.


Goodbye Wrinkles Mummy Tummy Lift