A Revolutionary Light Therapy Device for Pain Relief associated with headaches, migraines, sinus pressure and temporal muscle tension.

The dpl® Eye Mask Pain Relief System is a light emitting diode (LED) device that emits energy for use in pain relief, penetrating deep into the skin to ease and repair damaged tissue. The device delivers natural light energy in the Infrared and Red spectrum. Red & Infrared work together to reach deep into the skin’s tissues to stimulate cellular repair and increase circulation.  


Helping a lot!
I love this mask! I have suffered chronic migraines since I am nine years old, and I am 40! I have been using this every night, and it's improved the severity of my headaches! Highly recommend to anyone who suffers from headaches!

Very Pleased
I think this is a great idea AND, most importantly, it works. I use nightly before falling asleep and have noticed I am having fewer headaches.

DPL uses the very latest in LED technology are the #1 manufacturer for FDA-cleared pain relief and recovery, acne treatments, anti-aging, oral care, and home hygiene light therapy products.

DPL Red Light & Infrared Pain Relief Eye Mask

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