The CASMARA BODY SCULPT SOLUTION has been clinically trialled and the results indicated...


Reshaped silhouette from 15 days

40% “orange peel skin” in 28 days.

Reduces from 1.5cm to 5cm contour.


Reshape your figure in the most effective way with the exclusive combination of BODY SCULPTOR AND BODY MASSAGER. The massage roller boosts the action of Body Sculptor and has its own benefits.



- Reduces Localised Fat.

- Visibly Eliminates “Orange Peel Skin” And Prevents Its Appearance.

- Firms The Skin.



- Activates the massaged area.

- Boosts the slimming, draining and firming effects of Body Sculptor.


Active ingredients


A combination of two plants rich in polyphenols that show a double slenderising effect by both stimulating the lipolysis (breakdown of fat in the adipocytes) and inhibiting the adipocyte differentiation.


An extract of the unicellular algae (Chlorella vulgaris) that owns a spectacular capacity of cellular division. It is a restructuring active acting on the dermal - epidermal junction to increase firmness. It also stimulates the dermal regeneration and improves elasticity.


Is an active ingredient extracted from the algae Laminaria. Increases the cyclic AMP that stimulates the breakdown of fat inside the adipocyte and its elimination to the exterior of the cell.

CASMARA Intense Slimming Firming Body Pack + Massager