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1. I will be entitled to utilise and access the health facilities at Soul Soothing Therapy from the date on which I am accepted as a member subject to the payment of the appropriate membership fees and signature of this contract.

2.1. The membership period will commence on the date on which payment is made, monthly payments will continue on the same date of every month for the period of 6 consecutive months.  Payments will be paid in advance.  Soul Soothing Therapy may in its sole and absolute discretion without having to furnish the Member with any reasons, cancel the contract after giving written notice to the Member and the member’s only claim against the company shall be for a refund of a pro rata amount of membership fees paid in respect of the balance of the contract period, and the Member declare that the Member shall have no other claims against the company of any nature whatsoever.

2.2. Should the Member wish to terminate the contract before the expiry date of the initial period, the Member must give 20 business days notice in writing, referred to as the Notice Month, which is a fully payable month and will be liable for a cancellation fee of $100. The Member is still liable for the monthly fee payment, irrespective of attending or not attending during this final Notice Month.

3. The Member hereby confirms and warrants that he or she is physically and medically fit to proceed with normal exercise and that he or she does not suffer from any illness or condition which prevents him or her from using the facilities and equipment.  As such the Member acknowledges that the company, its directors, employees, contractors or representatives or the owner of the building shall not be responsible nor liable for any injury or loss suffered by the Member and/or any of his or her guests.  As such, the Member undertakes to use the facilities and equipment entirely at his/her own risk.

4. The company and the owner of the building will not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage to personal property of the Member and as such the Member hereby waives any rights to sue the Company and/or the owner of the building for lost or stolen articles.

5. The company may, after the Initial Period, increase the membership fees by such amount, as the company in its sole and absolute discretion deems appropriate.

6. Access to the facilities will be denied until such time as the company has received payment.

7. The Member confirms that the company has the right to decline his or her application, in its sole and absolute discretion and without having to give any reasons therefore.

8. Upon signing the contract, please be aware of the fact that the Member is liable to honour the Terms and Conditions as set out herein. This specifically includes the monthly payment of fees, irrespective of whether the Member attends the centre or not.