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HI-EMT technology creates muscle contractions that are far greater than typical voluntary contractions experienced during exercise such as an abdominal crunch or sit-up. During each 30 minute HI-EMT session, you will receive up to 20,000 supra-maximal muscle contractions.


“The Ultimate Wellness and Relaxation Pod”.

Used by astronauts for rehabilitation after a long flight in space, pain management clinics, chiropractors, fitness centres, beauty clinics, weight loss experts, world class athletes and so many more.  In the past, any health and holistic wellness machines have been developed to condition the mind and body to promote wellness, relaxation, beauty and fitness. Studies have proven the benefits of various technologies and therapy techniques intended to improve mental and physical well being. However, serious limitations have always existed because no machine has been able to achieve the perfect balance of body and mind conditioning .

Until the emergence of the new COCOON WELLNESS PRO SYSTEM



Shrinking Violet is the ONLY clinically proven inch loss body treatment on the market today! The MOST RELAXING Treatment you will ever find and a WORLD FIRST! This is a powerful 3 step process which begins with the Extreme Booster Pre-Treatment Serum applied to problem areas (only 6-8 drops is needed) followed by a full body application of the Shrinking Violet's supreme formula. Then you simply relax in our infrared Cocoons  at the perfect temperature of 42 degrees. Be prepared to snooze the time away as the infrared wavelengths help the solution to penetrate into the fat cells where lipolysis takes place. The top line result from the clinical trial was up to 2.5% fat reduction per application.

Shrinking Violet Body Treatments help to remove fat in problem areas, such as thighs, buttocks and abdomen, engineered to also work on cellulite, fluid retention, sluggish circulation and detoxification.

THE ACTIVE INGREDIENT. The main active ingredient in Shrinking violet which provides inch loss is a Phospholipid. Shrinking Violet contains a high content of Phosphatidylcholine (Hydrolised Lecithin) unsaturated (20%) – which is the specific Phospholipid used. The key ingredient Phospholipid Hydrolised Lecithin is a natural source of unsaturated phosphatidylcholine and is derived from soya bean. Our Phospholipid has the same effect as the popular fat dissolving injections the technique typically involves patients receiving dozens of small ‘fat burning’ injections over several sessions. Shrinking Violet requires no injections. 

6 x Hiemt/Cocoon/Shrinking Violet Combo Sessions - $795
8 X Hiemt/Cocoon/Shrinking Violet Combo Sessions - $995 

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