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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question which does not appear here, please Contact Us and we will be happy to assist.

Vibrosaun is a very subtle and safe form of therapy.

People taking blood thinners should be monitored by their physician throughout their program, as this treatment will naturally have a blood thinning effect as well.

People with circulatory/heart or vascular disease, active cancer, infectious progressive diseases or those with pacemakers should not use the Vibrosaun.

Treatments are safe and effective, but with the heavy toxin release that Vibrosaun stimulates, some may experience passing detox symptoms such as headache, fatigue or irritability, to name a few. Be sure to stay hydrated after you session to help alleviate detoxification effects, or what is clinically termed a “Healing Crisis.”

However, most people feel immediate positive side effects such as increased energy and a GREAT night’s sleep!

Our Vibrosaun rooms are private, so most people enjoy the session without clothing. However, you may prefer to wear undergarments or workout attire if desired. You will sweat, so dress accordingly.

All Vibrosaun sessions are 45 minutes with the exception of the Introductory Package for first time clients only which are 3 x 30 minute sessions.

Results vary for every person. Everyone, after their first session, feels relaxed and rejuvenated. For more specific conditions, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia or back pain, some people notice changes after only a few treatments. However, it normally takes 5 to 8 sessions to start noticing measurable improvements.

We always recommend clients begin with our 3 session Introductory Package to ensure Vibrosaun therapy is something they will enjoy. Typically, the 1st session takes a few minutes for you to settle in and learn how to control the heat and vibration settings. By the 2nd and 3rd visits, you will be very familiar with the Vibrosaun, so your sessions will be much more relaxing and productive.

Most people continue Vibrosaun therapy after the initial 3 sessions with a 5 or 10 session package. In general, the first 8 to 10 treatments are suggested within a 3 week period to accelerate the body into healing mode.

Most clients feel so many benefits from their Vibrosaun experience (both physical and emotional), they choose to make regular Vibrosaun treatments part of their commitment to a new healthier lifestyle.

Yes, after regular Vibrosaun treatments most clients notice their clothes fitting better and the loss of inches around their waste and other areas.

The combination of heat and vibration stimulates the body into burning calories much like aerobic exercise. Of course it’s important to include a sensible diet and regular exercise as part of any weight loss regimen.

Yes. Drink sufficient amounts of water and make positive dietary changes.

The Vibrosaun carries a maximum weight capacity of 160kgs.

The Vibrosaun can comfortably accommodate persons up to 197cm (6’4”) in a fully reclined position. For persons taller than 197cm, the Vibrosaun allows enough room to bring the knees up to achieve a comfortable position.

We recommend a minimum age of 16 years. Parents do have to sign a consent form for their minor children.

The Vibrosaun is designed to comfortably achieve the maximum recommended temperature of 75° Celsius. However, the Vibrosaun can achieve temperatures of 80°C to 82°C. NB: Maximum temperatures are not recommended for the whole duration of Vibrosaun therapy sessions. Full training is provided to assist in correct operation of the Vibrosaun to achieve positive results.

The Vibrosaun assists recovery and repair by speeding up and elevating the body’s natural healing functions. Some people will experience permanent results and others will find a maintenance treatment program is best. It really does depend on the injury or affliction being treated and the aftercare by the individual.

There is no doubt that everyone would benefit greatly from regular treatments on the Vibrosaun Machine. We see many, many patients on a weekly, long term program and often get comments that they just don’t feel the same if they miss a session.

Affordable long term maintenance programs are available through our Monthly Membership Programs.

The VIBROSAUN has been an unequalled treatment for pain, injury and weight loss patients since 1986. Since then it has benefited almost every malady experienced by our patients and thousands of treatments are now performed everyday across the world.

Very simply put, with all the various healing modalities that the Vibrosaun Machine delivers simultaneously during a single treatment session…. A healthier body must result!!!